Why Sometimes Dental Implants Fail?

Dental implants are one of the most effective treatments for damaged and loose teeth. They provide great aesthetic results and last longer than other dental replacement options. However, sometimes dental implants fail. They can get loose, become infected, or fail to become fused to the bone, resulting in removal.

Why sometimes dental implants fail

Here are some reasons why dental implants fail:

Use of Substandard Fixtures
Low-quality fixtures can cause infections that can lead to the removal of the screw. Substandard fixtures can result in loose implants. This is common if the dentist lacks experience or uses a cheaper type of implant.

Reasons why Dental Implants FailInsufficient Information about the Patient’s Medical History
The success or failure of a dental implant treatment depends on the medical history of the patient. If you have gum disease, diabetes or bruxism, it may affect your dental implant treatment and healing process.

Use of Improper Techniques
Using inappropriate techniques can cause infection, nerve impairment, pain, numbness, and sensation. A Surgical procedure can leave bacteria at the implant site which should be cleared with antibiotics.

Spending Less Time in Diagnostic Phase
Dental implants need three-dimensional panographic X-rays. Some dentists use two-dimensional x-rays to spend less time in the diagnostic phase. Improper diagnosis can lead to incorrect placement of implants.

Placing Dental Implants Incorrectly
If there is a lack of communication between the surgeon and restorative dentist, it can result in the wrong placement of dental implants. Sometimes, dentists may place the implant into an area having insufficient bone structure to support the implant.

If you are considering dental implants, you should pay attention to the quality of dental implants and procedure involved during the treatment and it’s recommended to consult an experienced and trusted dental implant surgeon.

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