What Does Your Oral Health Indicate About Your Overall Health?

The impact of poor oral health is quite enormous to the quality of life we are living. Any issues with your teeth and gums must be given proper attention. Researchers have found that oral health problems contribute to serious health conditions such as heart problems, diabetes, stroke, cognitive decline and pneumonia.

Many people live with untreated dental problems such as tooth decay, gum disease, oral pain and untreated cavities because they can’t access basic dental care. It’s quite common to see older adults struggling with dental problems because they do not have the dental insurance or any funding available. Since the dental charges are quite expensive, they have no option left besides ignoring the treatment.

What does your oral health indicate about your overall health

If people do not have good oral health, their chances of developing serious illnesses are very high. They are more likely to develop serious illness symptoms than anyone else. Your teeth can tell the complete story of your well-being so start paying attention to your dental well-being.

Older adults are more likely to develop oral problems than kids. Hence, one must know these 5 health signs of your mouth:

  1. Dental CheckupDry Mouth – It’s not a common sign of aging. It indicates that a person has gone through more than 400 medications including those for hypertension, elevated cholesterol, torment, nervousness and wretchedness, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s illness. When you constantly feel parched, consult your doctor and check if it’s connected to the medicines you are taking. To stimulate the saliva flow and restore the moisture in your mouth, you can use rinses, mouthwash and over the counter sprays. Your dentist might recommend a fluoride varnish to reduce the risk of infection, gum diseases and cavities.

  2. Mouth Pain – Pain in the mouth normally happens when an oral disease is left untreated. It makes your life difficult as you can’t eat, bite and chew; which, in turn, will ultimately impact your nutrition. You will compromise on the intake of nutritious food. It will make you weak and your health will suffer.

  3. Cover Your Mouth – Loss of teeth causes embarrassment. You stop interacting, socializing with people. But remember, if you have any oral problem, you can definitely get help and support and it can be taken care of.

  4. Loss of Teeth/ Bleeding Gums – Unhealthy teeth and gums cause several serious health problems like dementia, heart ailment, stroke etc. Your poor teeth and gum conditions can aggravate the symptoms. Problem with tooth/gum also suggest that you have diabetes.

  5. Open Sores of Mouth – The symptoms of open sores of mouth are pain, red or white patches, numbness or tenderness in mouth and lips. When you visit a dental clinic, these can be detected easily by the dentist.

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The previously mentioned signs should not be taken lightly. These must be treated immediately. Remember, your dental well-being will contribute to your overall well-being.

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