Tooth Infection Can Even Turn Deadly: An Overview

You must be aware of various dental problems people go through and the pain they feel while undergoing treatment. It has been witnessed that a tooth infection can turn deadly and can take lives of the patients. So tooth infection should not be left untreated and it requires your immediate attention.
Tooth infection can even turn deadly.
Recently, a 26 year old young man in California died due to tooth infection. A small tooth infection if ignored can turn fatal. Even toothache and painful swelling of your gums must be taken seriously. Otherwise, it might turn into an abscess. There is a sharp rise in the number of people getting treated for tooth abscesses. Reasons for a tooth abscess can be a chip, tooth decay, gum disease and a breach in tooth’s protective enamel.

A swollen face, jaw, neck, fever and foul breath indicates a dental abscess. Any of these symptoms should not be ignored. You must visit a dentist for a consultation. Dental X-rays will detect an abscess in a few minutes. A dentist will provide consultation and an examination of your mouth in order to detect any early signs of abscess or any other disease.

It is more likely that the dentist will prescribe a penicillin or an antibiotic but the extreme conditions of dental abscesses can be treated with root canal, tooth extraction, and incision and draining. Read our original article for more information on “Tooth Infection Can Even Lead to Death“.

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