Tips to Handle Your Knocked Out Tooth

It’s very common to face accidents and as a consequence, you might lose a tooth or some of your teeth. A knocked-out tooth or an “avulsed” tooth is considered one of the most serious and critical dental emergencies. However, you can fix the damage if you act fast.
Tips to Handle Your Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth gets knocked out, the blood vessels, supporting tissues and nerves get damaged as well. The blood vessels and the nerves can’t be repaired. That’s why all knocked-out teeth or avulsed teeth need a root canal treatment. You should know that the bone if put back, can reattach to the root of the tooth. It is very important to keep in mind that only permanent teeth should be re-implanted.

If your teeth have been knocked out, visit a doctor immediately and make sure that the teeth do not receive any further injuries. You must follow these tips to save your knocked-out tooth:

  • Carefully handle the tooth and try your best not to touch the root.

  • If the tooth is not cleaned, hold it by the crown and rinse it with milk. If milk is not available, wash the tooth with lukewarm water and never wipe it out as it may cause further damages.

  • Best is to keep the tooth moist. Drop the tooth into a glass or a bowl of milk. If it’s not possible, keep the tooth between the cheek and gum. But children should avoid keeping the tooth in their mouth as they might swallow it.

  • Try to slip the tooth back into its socket. In most of the cases, it will slip right in. Make sure that the tooth is facing the right direction. Never force it into the socket. It would be better to see a dentist and proceed with further steps.

Your dentist is the best person who can help you with all the necessary procedures to save your teeth from any damages and give you the best possible cure for avulsed tooth.

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