Reasons for Peg Teeth and the Best Options to Treat Them

Peg teeth are abnormally small, upper lateral incisors. They are often pointed or have a rectangular shape that makes them look similar to fangs. Both children and adults are often self-conscious of the appearance of their smile, when they have one or more teeth that are dramatically smaller or have an odd shape, compared to the rest of their teeth. Peg teeth are caused by certain underlying medical conditions that need proper treatment.

Reasons for Peg Teeth and the Best Options to Treat Them

What Causes Peg Teeth?

Pegged teeth can have many different causes. The two most common causes include:

  • Developmental abnormalities – This includes birth defects.

  • Genetics – When one or more of the parents have dental abnormalities, it’s likely they will pass them down, in some form, to their children.

  • Certain types of disease – Certain types of disease can also cause misshapen and smaller than normal teeth. This includes syphilis and cleidocranial dysostosis, among others.

Your dentist will be able to treat the abnormality better, once they know what has caused it.

  • Braces are often used to shift the teeth, bringing them closer together and closing any gaps that may be present.

  • Direct bonding can be used to reshape the tooth, making it larger and more symmetrical with the rest of the mouth.

  • Porcelain veneers and caps can also be used to cover the tooth and give it a more natural appearance.

  • In cases of bonding, veneers, and caps, the porcelain is tinted so that the resulting tooth will blend in with those near it.

If you have a peg tooth, visit your dentist to find out what can be done to correct the problem. Your dentist will use one of several methods that can easily reshape the tooth or teeth, providing you with renewed confidence and a brighter, more balanced smile.

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