Nighttime Essentials to Maintain Your Dental Health

A lot can happen to your teeth, especially when you are asleep. It’s the time when food debris and bacteria can wreak havoc on your teeth and gums which can lead to plaque, cavities or other such oral health issues. Don’t let these issues interfere with your good night’s rest.

Nighttime Essentials to Maintain Your Dental Health (1)

Here are some important tips which you must follow to maintain your dental health throughout the night:

Rinse with Mouthwash
Use an antibacterial mouth rinse before going to bed. This helps to control the bacteria that may lead to plaque on your teeth. It even protects your teeth from decay and cavities and your gums from gingivitis. Not all mouth rinses are created equally, so make sure you discuss which one suits your need with your dentist.

Brushing Is Not Enough – Floss!
Flossing helps to remove the left over food particles and plaque buildup while it’s soft. It’s generally advised at night only but if you are prone to gum diseases or tartar buildup, dentists recommend to floss in the morning as well.

Use Waterpik
It’s an amazing tool to remove debris that you are unable to get to, and cleanse a deeper periodontal pocket. You can also place your therapeutic mouthrinse or periogen to the waterpik and place in your mouth wherever you want.

Clean Your Tounge
Your tounge holds the majority of bacteria in your mouth, but it’s also the most neglected part of the whole brushing routine. You must use bristles to keep it clean and remove the bacteria. This will help you maintain your dental hygeine and keep your teeth shining forever.

Don’t Eat After Brushing
If you binge on any thing after you’ve brushed at night, it’ll defeat all your purpose of brushing at night. It’s best to set such a time for brushing that you do not eat after it beacuse sugar and acid begins to work in your mouth that leads to bacterial growth. So there’s no point of brushing your teeth before going to bed if you tend to eat again after that.

Those who have normal dental health must follow these tips to maintain their dental hygeine. However, those who are suffering from any sort of dental complication must take extra care of their dental hygeine. Apart from all these tips, visiting your dentist regularly, paying regular attention to your oral hygeine and adapting proper food habits is necessary to maintain your overall dental health.

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