How to Avoid Tooth and Mouth Injuries during Sports

You only get one set of teeth, and through the course of a sporting event, traumatic injury to your mouth and teeth is something that could easily happen. In fact, according to the American Dental Association (ADA), between 13% and 39% of all dental injuries among males were related to sports.

How to avoid mouth injury during sports

If you want to protect yourself you’re not alone, but knowing how to do it isn’t always easy. Keep reading to learn more about how you can safeguard your mouth and teeth on the field, court or diamond.

Custom Protection

If you’re going to play a lot of sports or play at a high level, custom helmets and mouth guards are an ideal solution for protecting yourself. By using these, you can avoid serious tooth and mouth injuries even if you do get hit while you’re playing.

custom helmets and mouth guards

Whenever possible, make sure you have a backup mouth guard with you at all times. That way if yours gets lost or damaged you won’t be tempted to play without protection. After all, that one time could be when something bad finally happens.

Practice Makes Perfect

Among middle school and high school males who play sports, mouth and teeth injuries are shockingly common. In some cases, that’s because teenagers might wear mouth guards during games, but skip them for less intensive practices.

Protection from mouth and teeth injuries

Mouth and teeth injuries can happen even during a friendly practice. This is especially true of contact sports like football, or in sports where incidental contact is common, like basketball.

Wear your mouth guard during practice or encourage your children to do so.

Visit Your Dentist

If you do get injured during a sport, seeking immediate treatment is essential. Without visiting your dentist, you could lose teeth or have jaw damage that would get much worse over time.

visit your dentist

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