How Oral Health Is Affected by Your Food Habits

Eating is one thing that we all love to do. From different varieties of food in restaurants to the traditional food cooked at home, you just love food. But what you eat plays a major role in your oral health. Your teeth, tongue and gums are most essential parts of your mouth that help in chewing and swallowing which is the primary stage of digestion. Your mouth becomes the initial point of contact between your body and nutrition that you are taking. This way your food intake not only affects your dental health but also your overall nutrition. If your nutrition is poor, the first signs would often show up in your mouth.

Oral health

How Does Food Intake Affect Your Oral Health?

Your food starts affecting when the fermentable carbohydrates break inside your mouth that produce sugars such as lactose, fructose and maltose. When these sugar molecules combine with bacteria of your mouth, it forms acid which eventually starts to dissolve the mineral inside your tooth enamel. This is known as demineralization. Although teeth can regain these minerals through saliva, fluoride and some other foods, it’ll lead to tooth decay if the minerals are lost faster than they are being regained.

Intake of sticky foods such as raisins, crackers or food that break into smaller pieces linger inside your mouth for long time which cause these acids to form. People who love to drink coffee, soft drinks or snacking on sweet treat are more likely to see tooth decay. Al though cheese is very good to have after having sticky snacks as it neutralizes the acid by increasing saliva flow.

Here are some essential tips you should follow to maintain a good oral health:

  • Lessen Your Snacking:
    Restrict yourself to as few snacks as you can and prefer sugar- loaded beverages with meals, rather than sipping it throughout the day.

  • Eat Fruits and High-Protein Snacks:
    These are low in sugar but high in water and fiber that reduce the effect of sugar on teeth.

  • Stay Away from Sticky Foods:
    Prefer fresh fruits and avoid sticky food items because they are the worst enemies of your teeth, as they can sneak into tooth crevices.

  • Maintain a Balanced Diet:
    Maintaining a balanced diet is also very necessary. Increase your intake of different varieties of foods. Prefer nutritious food items such as cheese, raw vegetables, and a piece of fruit or plain yogurt.

Remember the food you’re taking as a part of your meal causes less harm because the saliva released during the meal helps wash the food from mouth and restricts the effects of acid on your teeth.

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