Healthy Mouth Goals for New Year

The New Year is the perfect time to make a resolution to take better care of your teeth. Brushing your teeth too roughly or chewing ice cubes may not seem like a big deal. However, over time, these bad habits can lead to severe dental issues. If you struggle with one or more of the following habits, make a resolution to change it in 2017.

Nail biting
Biting your nails may tear or rip the nails and the skin around the nails, leading to bleeding, infections, increased sensitivity, and pain. When you bite on your nails, the germs that live underneath your nails get in your mouth, which can make you sick.Chewing your nails also means that your teeth are not getting a break between meals and are being used continuously which puts a lot of stress on your front teeth. This causes them to get misaligned.

Healthy Mouth Goals for New Year

Hard brushing
When you brush your teeth too hard or too long, you wear down the tooth enamel layers on your teeth as well as the gums around your teeth. Without protective enamel, the teeth and gums are more sensitive and more vulnerable to decay. Overzealous brushing may result in a significant damage to the periodontal tissues and bones that support the teeth.

Grinding and clenching
Over time, regular teeth grinding or clenching may wear down the teeth or lead to teeth fractures. Both of these issues may require complex dental treatment and in severe cases, may even result in tooth loss.

Chewing ice cubes
Chewing on ice puts a lot of pressure on the teeth, placing you at a higher risk of wearing down your enamel, which can lead to chips or cracks. Chipped enamel weakens the teeth, making them more sensitive and more likely to incur further damage.Chewing ice also results in the creation of a repetitive hot and cold cycle in your mouth, which may cause small cracks in the enamel. Apart from weakening your teeth, chewing ice can also cause serious problems with any fillings you may have as the filling will expand faster than the tooth when exposed to hot and cold temperatures. This will shorten the life of the filling.

Finally, one of the best resolutions that you can make for healthy teeth in 2017 is keeping twice yearly dental checkups with OC Dental Implants. Visiting the dentist on a regular basis helps you stay on top of any dental issues that do arise before they become serious.

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