Why Good Oral Hygiene Is Essential for Athletes

To become a successful athlete, one must be very dedicated towards training and meeting the fitness goals. An athlete should also follow the right nutrition chart, take a proper diet and stay hydrated. Following these healthy habits religiously can be very beneficial in athletic performances.

Why Good Oral Hygiene Is Essential for Athletes

Everyone consults sports physician, physiotherapists and dietitians for physical health and performance based nutritional intake. But usually oral health is often overlooked by many and it’s because they aren’t aware of its poor consequences on oral health. Nutritional supplements and health drinks must be carefully taken else they may worsen the oral health with time.

During a research in 2012, in London Olympics, 300 athletes were diagnosed with seriously affected oral health that included high level of cavities, tooth erosion and gum diseases often in conjunction with gum disease and enamel erosion. The study published in British Journal of sports medicine shows how cavities, tooth erosion and gum diseases were common amongst high level athletes. What makes us worry is that one-fifth of the athletes surveyed indicated that their oral health is actually damaging their training and performance.

Here are some reasons why athletes are at high risk of getting oral diseases:

  • If you’ll have a close look at the athlete’s diet, you’ll understand how high dosage of sugar and citric acid in their diet has a terrible effect on their teeth.

  • Apart from this, heavy breathing is something which most of the runners are used to. This reduces the saliva flow leading to dry mouth which becomes a perfect ground for breeding bacteria and when it’s combined with sugar through sipping on drink, their mouth fills with decay causing bacteria.

These are some essential tips which every athlete must follow in order maintain their oral hygiene:-

  • Stay Hydrated
  • Have patience
  • Don’t snack and sip
  • Limit your drinks
  • Chew sugar-free gums
  • Keep rinsing your mouth with water
  • Brush twice a day for 4 minutes
  • Visit your dentist on regular intervals

Either you are an avid runner or you are just jogging to stay fit, you must pay a proper attention to your oral hygiene by following the aforementioned tips.

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