Enhance Your Child’s Confidence Through OC Dental Implants Procedures

Is your child suffering from a permanent tooth loss due to a trauma or a congenital condition? Restoring that tooth is crucial for the health, appearance, and self-confidence of your child. Dental implants are considered a viable, restorative solution that can help your child regain his/her lost self-esteem.

OC Dental Implants in Orange County, CA, is trusted name with more than 20 years of experience in dental implants procedure. We offer a comprehensive and affordable dental implant services to patients of all ages and focus on providing the most effective and pain-free implant procedure for the treatment of your child’s missing teeth.

Our Dental Implants Procedure

Our implant specialists utilize a long-lasting, steady tooth replacement option that is proven to be extremely useful for replacing single or multiple missing teeth. Our dental experts use medical grade titanium posts or screws for surgical insertion at the location of the missing tooth in your child’s jawbone. This helps replace your child’s absent tooth root and secures the stability of your child’s dental restoration procedure. Healing time is usually required to permit the jaw bone to initiate attachment with the bio-compatible post. After the healing period, the dentist will position the replacement tooth or ceramic crown corresponding to the surrounding teeth. Each dental implant is customized to ensure it comfortably and beautifully suits your child’s smile.

Fixing your child’s missing tooth can renew his/her smile to best health, appearance, and self-confidence. Our dentists will effectively restore your child’s missing tooth which will, in turn, boost their confidence with a perfect smile. Specialized implant services by OC Dental Implants is designed to appear, work, and feel exactly like your child’s birth teeth, and with good care, it can endure a lifetime.

You may contact OC Dental Implants offices located in Orange County, CA, to schedule an implant consultation. Also, check out our video here to learn more about the benefits of implant dentistry for your child:


Dr. Orest Frangopol is the Owner of OC Dental Implants, a leading dental office in the Orange County area. Dr. Frangopol is an expert in providing comprehensive implant services that include: single tooth dental implant, bone grafting, dental implants and full mouth reconstruction. He along with his team has a reputation of offering affordable dental implants combined with customized treatment for all his patients.

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