Dental Care: When and How Often You Should Brush

Different foods and drinks can affect your teeth. Foods and drinks that contain high amounts of sugars and carbohydrates help create bacteria in your mouth that hurt your tooth enamel soon after you enjoy a snack or meal. That is why it is very important that you brush your teeth after you eat, so that you will eliminate bacteria before it attacks your tooth enamel. This is something to keep in mind before you get dental implants.


When To Brush Your Teeth

When deciding the appropriate time to brush your teeth, you should look at your diet. If you have consumed food or drinks with a lot of acid in it, you should avoid brushing your teeth for half an hour. Before going in for dental implants, be sure to avoid foods containing large amounts of citric acid, such as oranges and lemons, as they weaken enamel. Brushing your teeth quickly after eating can hurt the enamel, as it is already weakened.

That’s why it is best that you brush your teeth before eating acidic foods. Once you finish, you can drink a glass of water to wash away the acids. Look to eat nutritional foods that don’t have sugar in them after eating something acidic. This will reduce the effects of acids on your teeth.

Avoiding Acids

Phosphoric acid found in soda can erode tissues from the surface. Acid erosion causes damage to your teeth. To guard against acid erosion, limit snacking around your meals, and avoid high consumption of soft drinks and snacks with lots of sugar in them.

Once you get dental implants, be sure to floss regularly, and schedule regular checkups. Also, don’t forget to replace your toothbrush every few months as the bristles start to fray.

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  1. This kind of information people must read about if they want to have a good oral health. Personally, a healthy oral hygiene is what I need and thank goodness I am able to read your post about it. Brushing my teeth is one thing I know that can help me achieve a healthy oral hygiene but you post makes me realize that too much brushing of the teeth is not good at all. Since I understand better about it now, I will definitely follow your advice. Thanks a lot.

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