5 Things to Avoid for Healthy Teeth This Christmas

The holiday season will be filled with many delicious treats that will be very hard to avoid. While these treats might be very tempting, they can cause great damage to your teeth. Instead of developing a cavity or two after holiday overindulgence, it’s better to avoid things that are detrimental to your oral health and use Read more »

How to Enjoy an Oral Health Friendly Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a grand day for every American. It is a national holiday celebrated on fourth Thursday of November in the US. People simply love this day and it allows you to socialize with family and friends to thank people. This magnificent and grand event is incomplete without good food. It’s a holiday where Read more »

Tooth-Friendly Halloween: Children Need Special Care

All Hallows' Eve is what the tone has been set up for! Everyone out there has been doing what they can do to make this Halloween a spooky one. You've no doubt noticed that sweet and sticky confections of the season are on sale and readily available in just about every establishment you enter. It's Read more »

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Top 10 Holiday Dental Tips to Ensure a Healthy Smile

Cookies, pies, candy and a host of other sweets seem to be everywhere during the holiday season. If you add in hectic schedules, grabbing something to eat on the run becomes the norm, which can cause your teeth to suffer before the season ends. This doesn't have to be the case.