Breakthrough: Dental Implants with a Built-In Reservoir

There is a major breakthrough in the realms of dentistry! A team of researchers from KU Leuven university, Belgium have developed a dental implant that can gradually release drugs from a built-in reservoir. It helps in preventing and fighting infections.

Dental Implants with a Built in Reservoir

Traditional Dental Implants

There are many micro-organisms in our mouth including fungal and bacterial pathogens. In conventional dental implants, these pathogens form a biofilm which is resistant to drugs such as antibiotics. As a result, these traditional implants are quite prone to infections that are difficult to treat.

New Dental Implant

Implant integrated into the jawbone and with a crown on the tooth.The new dental implant which has a built-in reservoir underneath the crown of the tooth will reduce the risk of infections. There is a cover screw which makes it easy to fill the reservoir with antimicrobial drugs. A porous composite material is used to manufacture the new implant, so the drugs can gradually diffuse from the built-in reservoir to the outside of the dental implant, which is in direct contact with the bone cells. As a result, bacteria won’t be able to form a biofilm.

Streptococcus mutans

The implant has been tested extensively in the lab for its use with chlorhexidine (a mouthwash with powerful antimicrobial effect). According to the study, Streptococcus mutans which is a kind of mouth bacteria affecting our teeth will no longer be able to form biofilms outside the implant while the reservoir is full of the mouthwash. Biofilms that are already formed on the implant can also be eliminated the same way. This new implant will not only cure infections but will also prevent them.

This new dental implant looks very promising and effective!

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