7 Dental Health New Year’s Resolutions You Can Consider

As the New Year gives rise to multiple resolutions, why not form a “Dental Health Resolution” to boost your dental health. After all, caring for your oral health is an important aspect of improving your general well-being.

Remember, just like other goals, taking smaller steps go a long way in making your dental health goals achievable in the long run. Some of the finest dental habits to commit to in the upcoming New Year include:

2018 New Year's Resolution for dental health

  1. Brushing and Flossing
    Brushing twice every day and flossing once daily are considered the best preventative measures against oral health problems. If you are lacking in your regular dental hygiene habits, step up your game in this New Year through a routine brushing and flossing regimen.

  2. Improving Your Diet
    Cutting back on sugar and including more orally healthy nutrients into your diet helps to strengthen your teeth and gums. Calcium-rich dairy products are good for your teeth, just like fibrous foods that stimulate saliva in your mouth while cleansing away plaque and other food particles.

  3. Quitting Tobacco Products
    Smokers are at a greater risk for gum disease as smoking impairs your immune system, which makes it incapable of fighting off gum infection. Additionally, smoking also curbs blood movement to the gums, which delays the infection healing.

  4. Drinking More Water
    Staying hydrated is essential for your overall body function and is also beneficial in maintaining a healthier smile. Drinking sufficient water helps to boost proper saliva production, which helps to decrease mouth acidity and washes away any leftover food particles.

  5. Staying Away from Unhealthy Beverages
    An acidic and sugary beverage not only weakens your teeth by bacterial action, but also gives your teeth a dose of acid from the drink itself. Use a straw, if you intend to have that soft drink, so as to prevent your teeth from getting bathed in excessive sugar and acid.

  6. Getting Regular Dental Checkups
    Make visits to your dentist a priority starting this New Year. Schedule checkups and cleanings, at least twice a year to prevent any dental health complications in the future. Regular visits help your dentist to supervise your oral health and suggest a dental health program to address your areas of concern.

  7. Working on Your Overall Smile!
    This New year is the best time to address every persistent dental concern that has been troubling you till now. Braces, crowns, or veneers are good options to improve your bite and provide an attractive smile. Likewise, a professional teeth whitening can result in your enhanced appearance.

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