6 Home Remedies for Instant Relief from Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is more common as we age due to the thinning of enamel and the effects of tooth decay. There are many home remedies that may help in relieving some of your discomfort, making it easier to eat the foods you love.

Here are 6 home remedies to get instant relief from pain and discomfort caused by tooth sensitivity:

  1. Salt Water Rinses

    Salt restores the delicate pH balance in the mouth, making it more difficult for bacteria to thrive. Place a teaspoon of sea salt in warm water and swish it around your teeth for 20 to 30 seconds. Do this a couple of times a day for maximum benefits.

  2. Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil can break down plaque deposits and clean the surface of your teeth. Put a small amount of oil in your mouth and “pull” it back and forth between your teeth. Swish it around for 30 to 45 seconds a few times a day.

  3. Guava Leaves

    Guava leaves are an old Ayurvedic remedy. Chew a few of the leaves for a minute or two and then spit them out. You can also make a rinse and use it several times a day. Guava is well-known for relieving intense pain caused by tooth sensitivity.

  4. Essential Oils

    Clove and cinnamon are two essential oils that are commonly used to promote good oral health. A couple of drops in a small amount of water can be used as an effective rinse.

  5. Clove and cinnamon

  6. Onion

    Onions contain flavonoids that help fight inflammation. Lay a small slice of onion along the side of the affected teeth to achieve the best results. Onions also have antiseptic qualities that fight against the growth of bacteria.

  7. Garlic

    Crush a clove of garlic and combine it with sea salt and a small amount of water to make a firm paste. Apply the paste to the affected tooth or teeth. Let it remain in place for several minutes. Rinse away with a warm, salt water rinse. You can repeat this as often as needed to reduce discomfort.

No one wants to deal with tooth sensitivity. These simple home remedies will give you a head start on dealing with the pain and discomfort.

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