5 Dental Care Tips Specially for Summers

Summer is here and you want to make sure that you look your best during the holidays. You need to make sure that you take care of your body, right down to your teeth, so something that you can easily prevent like a toothache doesn’t ruin your time in the sun. Here is a look at some great dental care tips to maintain dental health this summer.

dental care tips for summers

  • Keep sweets to a minimum: Summer means ice cream, cold sugary drinks, freezies and cold desserts. But you should eat these in moderation. Also, remember to brush and floss soon after getting yourself a high-sugar treat.

  • Sip water all day: Staying hydrated is important when the weather is hot. You may crave sports drinks, cola, and juices, but water is the best choice. It will help keep your mouth clean and healthy. It also increases saliva levels, which in turn increases proteins that fight tooth decay.

  • Maintain your brushing/flossing routine: After a day of fun in the sun, it can be tempting to fall into bed without brushing your teeth or flossing. Make sure that you maintain your dental care routine and keep your mouth, teeth and gums healthy.

  • Protect your lips: It is important to protect your lips during summer. Prolonged exposure to the sun can increase the risk of some forms of oral cancer. So make sure that you get a lip balm with SPF along with your sunscreen.

  • Regulate your consumption of alcohol: Fizzy alcoholic drinks and sweet cocktails can cause tooth decay. Alcohol is also a major cause of oral cancer. So make sure that you drink alcoholic drinks in moderation.

Enjoy your summer holidays with these tips in mind and you can make sure that your teeth, gums, and mouth stay healthy.

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