5 Critical Tips to Know After Dental Implant Surgery

A smooth and trouble free recovery process is the key for every successful dental implant. Taking precautions and avoiding bad habits will not only reduce your pain, but will also allow you to heal quickly after the dental implant surgery. Consider these 5 tips ensure that your new implants will heal properly and last for many years to come.

  1. Diet
    A soft food diet keeps your mouth as comfortable as possible while allowing the implant to heal fully. Steer clear of crunchy, hard, and chewy foods for the first week. You should avoid hot and cold food items and drinks as they may cause pain or open the wound. Let cold food sit until it reaches a warm temperature before consuming.

  2. Oral hygiene
    Use mouthwash starting the evening of the surgery and then for one week afterward. Hold half a cap-full over the surgical site for a full minute three times per day for seven days. On the evening of the surgery, you may also start brushing your teeth as normal, taking care to avoid the surgical site until the swelling has gone down.

  3. Gauze
    Minor bleeding following dental implant surgery is normal. If bleeding persists, bite down firmly over the surgery spot with a clean handkerchief or dampened gauze swab for one hour while sitting upright to apply pressure. If bleeding continues to persist, contact your dentist.

  4. Ice Packs
    During the first two or three days after the surgery, you may experience swelling and/or bruising. Both symptoms will subside on their own naturally. You can reduce the swelling and bruising with an ice pack wrapped in a towel. Apply ice for 10 minutes at a time, taking 20 minute breaks between applications.

  5. Pain killers
    Over the counter painkillers should be sufficient for managing your pain following the surgery. Take your first dose before the local anesthetic has worn off, and then continue to take the maximum stated dose at regular intervals for the next two days. Do not take more than the recommended dosage without a recommendation from your doctor.

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